Special Recognition Awards
SPECIAL SENIOR  - December 2007
Bob Ague was selected as the recipient of the Special Senior Award for November. Since
Bob could not be present at the social to receive the award, Bill Wright made the
presentation at a later date during bingo. Bob is the senior center bingo caller and
previously served as 1st Vice President and on the nominating committee. He has been a
member since 1997. Many thanks are extended to Bob for his service.

SPECIAL SENIORS - January 2008
President Bill Wright presented Barbara Grayson and Louise Oaks with Special Senior
Awards at the December social.

Louise has been a member since 1999. She served as Secretary of Board of Trustees for
close to 5 years, the Travel Director for close to 6 years and served as a receptionist for
many years.  [Louise recently passed on Jan 5, 2008.]

Barbara has been a member since 1991 and served as the Publicity Chairman, currently
writes occasional articles for the Courier about senior center news including the
heartwarming articles on our honorary members, the wood carvers’ eagle cane project, the
war veterans, and many others. She also serves as a volunteer leader for the 9 a.m.
exercise class.

Their many years of devoted service and friendship have benefited and inspired members
of the senior center.

                          <= PROCLAMATION OF APPRECIATION - February 2008
Congratulations to Thelma Keck on the Proclamation of
she received from the Board in recognition of
her many years as a receptionist.  The surprise
presentation was made by President Bill Wright during a
January weekly euchre game.
SPECIAL SENIORS -- April 2008 =>
Bond at the April social. Both are charter members and have
devoted so much to the senior center over the years. The
senior center appreciates everything they have shared and

SPECIAL SENIORS - Congregate Meals - October 2008

The Special Senior Award was presented at the October social to five members and
a Proclamation of Appreciation was also presented.  

Paul Parsons received a Proclamation of Appreciation for his many hours of volunteer
service. Paul averages 55 hours per month, is a past president, and has served as
foreman of the congregate lunch crew for 8 years.

                               The five members who received Special Senior Awards all serve on the
congregate                                                         lunch crew.
Audley Woody has served for 7 years, Janice Coffey
Janet                                                                Crossley for 3 years, Marie Mann for 7 years, and Tony
has worked
                                for one year.  These volunteers have worked hard to make lunch a positive
                                experience and they are appreciated for their dedication in ensuring that this
                                program continues.
President's Certificate of Appreciation - Dec 5, 2008

Barb Ritenour,                Carol Page,                 Connie Kors,

Carolyn Freeman.                         Angie Ryan,                                         Barbara Farina

(President, Bill Wright presenting)

The President's Certificate of Appreciation was given to six of our Receptionists at the General
Membership Meeting on Dec 5, 2008, in recognition of their service during this past year.

SPECIAL SENIOR - December 2008
The Special Senior Award was announced at the December social and recognized Frank Maas for his
significant contributions to the senior center. Frank has served on the Board of Trustees, as the Building
Committee Chairman, and the Transportation Chairman. In addition, he has helped serve the congregate
lunch, manned the receptionist desk, driven downtown to pick up calendars, and coordinated the advanced
table tennis group. Frank’s determination to keep the building project on the drawing board after Dwight
needed to resign as chairman helped lead to the construction now in progress. Exploring the transportation
issue involved many hours of work on Frank’s part and his efforts with both of these huge projects will
benefit members of the senior center for years to come.


and Tom Brickner each received a Special Senior
Award at the April Spring Social for their volunteer service.

The Board recognized
Ginger for her service as a former
president of the Board of Trustees and her current service
as the bridge coordinator.

Tom serves as the Webmaster for the senior center website.

2009 Outstanding Senior Citizen of Montgomery County

Treva Couturier, was named the 2009 Outstanding Senior Citizen of Montgomery County.  This award,
presented by the Montgomery County Council on Aging, was announced Friday, April 22, at the annual
Senior Citizen’s Day Celebration held at Hara Arena.  

There were 1200 seniors at Hara Arena,
from every community in Montgomery County,
to witness Treva being chosen as the
2009 recipient of this prestigious award.  
She was nominated by Bill Wright,
president of the Huber Senior Center.  

Treva is shown, in the attached photo,
being congratulated on being
chosen 2009 Montgomery County Senior Citizen
by county commissioner Mike Foley.

             SPECIAL SENIOR - October 2009

Phyllis Gustavson
received the Special Senior Award from the Huber
Heights Senior Center on Oct. 16. Phyllis served as Second Vice
President for two years and as Trustee At Large for 2 years. Currently,
she coordinates the senior center's participation in the Adopt a Park
program, serves on the Ways and Means Committee, and volunteers at
many fundraisers and special events.
SPECIAL SENIOR - December 2009

Anne Leach
received the Special Senior Award at the
December social for her hard work serving as Travel
Director since February 2008. She has been a member
since 1998 and also helps serve as one of the volunteer
leaders for the Monday/Wednesday 10 a.m. exercise
class. Thanks to Anne for devoting so much time to
building the travel program.