Huber Heights Senior Center
Barbara Grayson
October 1, 2008

On Saturday, September 27, 2008, with the death of Rueben Wolk, the Huber Heights Senior Center
said goodbye to a faithful and involved member. How can we eulogize a person who loved and lived life
with endless energy and talents? Rueben Wolk was born in Omaha, Nebraska, lived in Minneapolis and
went to school in Washington, D.C. He remembers when he was 14 years-old and sold newspapers on
the south portico of the U.S. Capitol Building. He recalls a special day, March 4, 1933, when headlines
blazed the F.D.Roosevelt inauguration. He tells, “This was to be the last inauguration to be held in the
month of March because the 20th Amendment to the Constitution had been approved. February was
now to be the inauguration month. I was close to the front of the stage when the newly elected Franklin
Delano Roosevelt approached the podium and was solemnly sworn in by Chief Supreme Court Justice
Charles Evans Hughes. I listened with the great silent crowd as FDR gave his wonderful inaugural
address, highlighted by his famous lines, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” This was a day to
remember.” ( From Senior Center Newsletter, September, 2006)

Wolk received his degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland. Before WWII, he
worked at Wright Patterson AFB, and then at 28, he enlisted in the Navy and was stationed at San
Diego, and served in the Pacific Theater. He remembers Pearl Harbor and the panic of people fearing
invasion, closing beaches, and extra alerts.

After the war, he went to law school at George Washington University. Upon receiving his law degree, he
worked at Dayton Rubber Company as chief patent counsel for many years. He practiced law for over
50 years. His many activities included being a volunteer for the Art Institute, the Air Force Museum, the
Opera Guild, and a member of the Dayton Chamber Music Society. He loved music, theater and writing.
And he is known for his witty poetry written for any occasion. He was still practicing probate law, making
wills, and providing notary public services for the Senior Center.

If asked for volunteers at the Huber Senior Center, he was the first to offer his help. He was the First
Vice-President for many years and also President, as well as, Publicity Chair. He planned classical
concerts for the seniors to enjoy, and presented “Opera For Those Who Hate Opera”.. He played bridge
and supported all the social events. His many accomplishments in his 91 years, will be a legend at the
Center, and his wonderful smile will be missed by all.

He was married 54 years to his wife, Lee, whom he said he met when singing in an opera in Washington,
D. C. He is survived by two daughters, Anita (Fermin) Heras, and Kathie Wolk, and two grandchildren,
Paul and Erica. Funeral services were held at Temple Israel on Monday, September 29. Internment was
at Riverview Cemetery.
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