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Volume 2020 No. 1                        JANUARY 2020

Congratulations to the following who were elected to the 2020 Board of Trustees. President:        Jim Boggs                  Trustees at Large
Vice Pres:        Judy Blankenship          Jim Arcaro              Mary Lemaster                         
Secretary:      Ninetta Hawkins        Betty Beery              Donnie Moore
Treasurer:        Liz Gitzinger                Carolyn Freeman                     
Thanks to all (71) who turned out to vote and to Alma French for serving as the Nominating Chair. Also, thanks to Lynn & Lou Brown and
Tracy Kiser for assisting. Special thanks go to all who ran for a board position; your willingness to serve is appreciated!

A new eight-week session for members only will start January 2 for both the beginner and intermediate class (minimum of five required).
Cost is $25 (note price change) and due when registration begins December 9. Please note that refunds are not issued once the first
class is held.
Beginner class is from 9:30-10:30 and the Intermediate class is from 10:45-11:45 on Thursdays. It is recommended that you have line
danced for a least a year before registering for the intermediate level class.
Men and women are welcome, partners are not needed, and instructor, Rose Winkler, provides a variety of music and dance steps to
make dancing interesting and fun!

Free income tax return preparation by VITA/AARP Certified Tax-Aide Volunteers will be available at the Huber Heights Senior Center on
Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. beginning February 5. Tax returns will be prepared by appointment only; call 937-233-
9999 beginning January 2. It is important that you provide a good phone number and notify the center if your number changes. Please
arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to fill out paperwork.
If you plan on bringing more than one tax return, you must make an appointment for each return. A joint return needs only one
appointment slot. Appointments fill up fast so call early to schedule.
Note: City tax, farms, businesses, rental properties, and deduction for casualty loss (tornado disaster) will not be prepared.

Drop in to learn and play Wii bowling when Heartland Insurance Group is here to conduct this fun activity. While you wait your turn to
play, you can enjoy donuts and visit with other players. This month, it will be held at 9:30 a.m. on Monday, January 6. You can either
stand or sit while playing the game and no previous bowling experience is required! This activity needs more participants in order to
continue; please give it a try!

Home History
Pat Stephens, from the Wayne Township/Huber Heights Historical Society, will present interesting information on how Huber Heights first
became a township, then a city, and how the historical society started and has grown. Join this dynamic speaker at 11:30 a.m. on Friday,
January 31, for this “close to home” presentation. Texas Roadhouse will provide its delicious salad and rolls with cinnamon butter and
Cypress Pointe will provide chicken tenders. Members may obtain free tickets January 9-23; two tickets per member (both tickets for
members). Non-members may obtain tickets beginning January 21 if any remain.

The next screening day will be Thursday, January 9. Please call 937-233-9999 to make an appointment. Thanks to Butch Redd from the
Fairborn Hearing Clinic for this service. A basic hearing screening is conducted and hearing aids are examined. Minor repairs may be
made on site. Open to seniors in the community.  
Did you know that people age 50 and over that have a hearing loss are 30% more likely to experience a fall, 40% more likely to be
depressed, and 50% more likely to develop dementia (Consumer Reports).
There is no need to eat alone when you can enjoy a nutritious meal and the company of other seniors in a casual and friendly setting.
The senior center is a site for the congregate meal program sponsored by Senior Resource. A donation of $2 is suggested from those
aged 60 and up; those under 60 are required to pay $4.65. Lunch is open to the public and served 11:15 a.m. - 12 p.m. on Tuesdays
and 11:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays. Milk and/or water included. Please call 937-233-9999 by 12 p.m. the day
before to make a reservation or to cancel. A choice of entrée is offered; if you do not indicate a preference, the entrée listed first will be
Note: no lunch January 31. Order Tuesday, January 21st lunch, by noon on January 17.

Feel welcome to walk in for the following screening (no fasting required). Open to seniors in the community. Unavoidable short-notice
cancellations may occur at times.
Tuesday: January 14, 11:45-12:45, with blood pressure and sugar checks by The Laurels of Huber Heights.

A warm and friendly welcome is extended to our new members
Gertha Coleman        Susan Current                
Ken Peters                Cheryl Keith
Membership: 712 as of December 16
New members: please see the receptionist if you did not receive a welcome packet.

To be eligible to participate in center activities and to receive the monthly newsletter, you must be a current member. Dues are $20
(checks preferred); there is no extra charge for non-residents. Renewal is due every January. Please make sure that you receive a new
membership card when you join or renew (includes honorary members). Those joining for the first time will receive a welcome packet
(one per family). All are required to sign a general liability waiver.
New members are welcome anytime; seniors must be at least fifty to join and their younger spouses are welcome to join. Those turning
90 by March 1 are honorary and not charged the membership fee; however, an application must be on file and updated every January.
Interested seniors may be permitted to visit three times before joining. Dues are reduced to $5 October through December for first-time
applicants only with the full renewal fee of $20 due in January.

GOLDEN CHI (chair chi)
If you want a fun way to exercise while seated in a chair, perhaps Golden Qi is for you. The Tai Chi instructors offer a free chair chi
(Golden Qi) program from 9:45-10:30 on Fridays. The program is designed for those who cannot stand while exercising or have not
exercised in a while. The class focuses on improving breathing, joint and muscle flexibility, and strength by incorporating gentle Tai Chi
movements, occasionally using fans or wooden balls.

What Would You Do Until EMS Arrives?
Your sense of time can be distorted when stressed during an emergency and two minutes can feel like twenty minutes while waiting for
EMS to arrive! The Huber Heights Fire Division Community Outreach Team will present information on what to do and how to cope while
waiting for help. This very relevant presentation is open to the community and will be held at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, January 15. While
not required, please call the center or sign the clipboard if you plan to attend.

Heartland Insurance Group will conduct bingo at 1 p.m. on Monday, January 13. Small prizes will be awarded to winners. Please call or
register in person January 3-10; seating limited to 35 members. You may register for yourself and one other member. If you need to
cancel, please call so someone from the waiting list can attend. Note that the phone line may be busy due to people making tax
Next mini bingo date will be February 10; consider coming to book group in the morning and bingo in the afternoon! Registration for
February 10th mini bingo will begin January 21.
Activity changes: bridge in back room.

Current members may renew membership to the senior center either in person or by mail beginning January 2. Dues remain at $20 per
person; please renew by January 31.
New applicants should apply in person.
Renew by mail:
•        Only for those who have already signed the general liability waiver.
•        Include check and any changes to address, phone, emergency contact.  
•        Membership card held here unless a stamped, self-addressed envelope is included.
Honorary members (90+):
Free of charge but you must update your application each year either in person or by calling 233-9999. Those turning 90 by March 1,
2020 are honorary members.
Review & Update:
Please review your application when renewing to make sure information is current, such as address, phone number, e-mail, and a
current phone number for your emergency contact. If there is anything you would want paramedics to know in case you were unable to
communicate, consider listing that. Also, a frequent question that emergency dispatchers ask is if you are on blood thinners so you may
want to indicate that as well.

    Full page detailed calendar available at the center
        or visit www.huberseniorcenter.org

Monday:                        Thursday:
Exercise 9                         Wood carve 9-11:30
Tai Chi practice 11:15-12                Line dance 9:30-11:45
D. Bridge 12:15                        Bunco, Euchre 12
Pinochle 11:30                        Party Bridge 12:15
Knit, Crochet 1 p.m.                Tech Tips last Thurs. 9:30
Table tennis 6:30-9                Hearing checks 2nd Thurs.
1/6: Wii Bowl 9:30                Table Tennis 6:30-9
1/13: Mini bingo 1                1/2: Begin member renewals
1/20:  Closed                        1/2: Make tax appointments
Tuesday:                        Friday:        
Wood carve 9-11:30                Chair Chi 9:45-10:30
Congregate Lunch 11:15                Congregate Lunch 11:30
Bingo 1 p.m.                        Tai Chi class 1:30
Stitch & Chat 1 pm                Trivia, 2nd Fri., 1 p.m.
1/14: Bld pressure, Sugar 11:45        1/31: Lunch & Learn 11:30
Exercise 9                        
Mah Jongg 1 p.m.
Game Night 6:30-9                                 
1/8: Board Meeting 12:30
1/15: Speaker 1 p.m.
1/1: Closed

The next Tai Chi session will be open to current students only and offered at 1:30 p.m. on Fridays starting February 1. Cost is $30 per
person for the eight-week session and due when registration begins on January 17. Please note that refunds are not issued once the
first class is held. It may be beneficial to observe a class and talk to the instructors before registering.
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise and taught by Sue and Bill McCabe from TAMA Martial Arts and may help to improve your
flexibility, balance, focus, and strength.

Senior center members may register the first ten business days. After that, non-member seniors or those ages 21-49 accompanying a
senior, may register for remaining seats. Payment is due when registering and must be paid with checks or money orders.
Cancellation/refund policies are determined by the tour company and senior center. Please check before registering to see if scooters or
wheelchairs can be accommodated.
In order to take advantage of special promotions, it is possible that new trips may be offered on short notice. Check the bulletin board on
a regular basis since the newsletter may not include every trip. Emergency cards: travelers will need to complete a new travel
emergency/waiver card if the previous card is more than a year old.
Overnight & Longer trips: to comply with mailing requirements, details on overnight trips cannot be printed in the newsletter. Registration
for long trips usually begins six to eight months in advance; check with the senior center for dates.

April 25-May 1, 2020   Atlantic City, NYC, Philadelphia
Check bulletin board for details or call 937-233-9999.

May 14        Snooty Fox
You will visit five upscale consignment shops in the Cincinnati area providing fashions and household items with discount coupons on
purchases. Refreshments are served at each stop; a box lunch is included with a special dessert at the last stop. Cost is $44 per person.
Departure is 9 a.m. with approximate return time of 5 p.m. Members register beginning February 3, non-members February 18. Last day
to register is April 3.

June 21-23        Soaring Eagle
Check bulletin board for details or call 937-233-9999.

Oct. 18-24        Florida
Check bulletin board for details or call 937-233-9999.

HEALTH PLANS (One-on-One Counseling)
Free assistance is available by appointment, year-round, at the senior center. You can enroll in a Medicare Advantage or Prescription
Plan whether you are new or previously enrolled or if you are new to Medicare and have questions. Please bring: Medicare card and any
other insurance cards and your current prescription drugs in a bag (a list is acceptable but actual meds are better). Call Debbie Marchi,
OSHIIP certified volunteer, at 937-477-1881 to make an appointment. Please honor your appointment time since the volunteer does not
live close to the senior center; thank you.

Summer Semester Update
Sinclair College for Lifelong Learning is aiming to provide an exercise instructor at the senior center for the summer semester (May start
date). The goal is to offer one class at 9 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays; minimum of 12 students is required. Registration is
estimated to begin in April. There is a fee for this class and more details will be provided in a future issue.
January-April: during these months, any member may exercise to the DVD at 9 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays. There is no fee and
members are reminded to exercise at their own pace and risk.

Bridge:                         back room Jan. 13
Cong. Lunch:           cancelled Jan. 31
Chair Chi & Tai Chi: no class Jan. 31
Closed:                   Jan. 1, 20

*Thanks to December newsletter mailing volunteers: Barb Shultz, Debbie Lykins, Margaret Collier, Loretta Cooper, Mary Lemaster, Jim
*Thanks to the following for decorating the center for Christmas/winter: Jerry & Caroline Nottingham, Bruce & Vevia Enix, Darlene
Slusser, Jim & Deb Boggs, Liz & Ralph Gitzinger.
*Thanks to Debbie Boggs for organizing the receptionist meeting.
*Thanks to all who donated toys for the VFW project; the box was overflowing this year!
*Bingo players enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with members bringing food to share.
*The candy corn pumpkin, created by some members, made a return appearance in October and November.

Returning Activity
We are excited to announce the resurgence of the Books & Banter Book Club, facilitated by Doris Radcliffe. We invite and encourage
women and men alike to join us on the second Monday of each month from 10-11:30 a.m. to discuss our favorite books!
Though there are so many wonderful books to choose from for our first selection, I chose a New York Times Bestseller, Before We Were
Yours by Lisa Wingate. The Huber Heights Library will reserve this book for us beginning January 15. This book is available in regular
print, large print, audio book and e-book (through the library app “Libby”). Our first gathering will be February 10. We are looking forward
to seeing you there, ready to share your thoughts about this featured selection!    ~ Doris

Board of Trustees: 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 8.

*Refunds that are owed to members are sometimes held at the desk if you tend to come to the center on a regular basis. Please check
with the receptionist.
*Beginning February 8, those in the 937 area code must include dialing 937 for all local calls. You may need to inform your bank, credit
card company, friends and family, insurance companies, medical offices, etc., of this change. Beginning March 8, area code, 326, will be
given to new customers. This will result in the need to always dial either 937 or 326 for all local calls.
*If you want a federally compliant drivers license, it must be obtained by October 1. This will allow you to enter federal buildings and fly
without carrying required paper documents each time. Make sure that you have certified copies of documents, such as birth certificates
and marriage licenses, not just a decorative copy. Details are posted on the bulletin board in the back hallway.
*Please pay close attention and honor the instructions given at events that include a meal so you know what and how much you are
allowed to take the first time through the buffet line.

The senior center will be closed on January 1 and January 20.

The senior center follows the Huber Heights Schools inclement weather closings only, not delays. Check:
*TV (may appear as late as 8:30 or changes from delay to closing may occur later on. Do not assume the first time you see the listing
that it is the final decision; keep checking and refer to more than one channel).
*Call senior center recording at 937-237-7605 after 8 a.m. (updated when possible)

Do you need help with your computer, tablet, Kindle, eBooks, cell phones, or any of the current electronic computer devices including
games? Drop in from 9:30 -10:30 a.m. on Thursday, January 30, and be prepared with your specific questions; bring your device with
you if possible. Please note that this is not a computer class. Notary service is available as well. Thanks to Marina Dorado for providing
this service.

May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions!
                                      ~ Joey Adams
The tentative schedule for the socials is listed below so you can save the dates. Note that ticket cost will be $14 and you will need to
select one meat entrée. Volunteers are always needed to set up tables and chairs for the socials. If you are interested in helping, please
contact the program coordinator at least two weeks before the social. Daytime events, such as lunch and learns, also need this kind of
volunteer power.
April 17        October 16
May 15         November 20
August 22        December 19

So that you can get to know your Board better, here is a little something about each one:
President Jim Boggs - member for 13 years, volunteers with church, Dayton Dragons performer, and served as president last year.
Books the caterers for the socials, participates in Tai Chi.
V.P. Judy Blankenship - member for over 10 years, served as trustee at large last year, helped with the parade, attends socials and
events. Previously on City Council, volunteers at food pantry, Huber Heights Historical Society.
Treasurer Liz Gitzinger - member for 17 years, treasurer for 13 years. In charge of the front garden, helps with Ways & Means, parade,
decorating. Attends socials and special events.
Secretary Netta Hawkins- served as secretary last year, assists the travel director on some trips, participates in bingo, socials. Crochets
lap throws for Hospice and Honor Flight.
At Large Jim Arcaro - new to the Board this year. Member for five years, plays bingo and is a wood carver. Sets up for bingo every week.
Served in the US Navy as a medic and in Vietnam. Belongs to the Lions Club and volunteers with Honor Flight.
At Large Betty Beery - member for 13 years, trustee for 10 years, and Membership Committee Chair. Assists the travel director in
planning trips and on the trips. Participates in bingo, socials, and special events.
At Large Carolyn Freeman - travel director for nine years, trustee for ten years. Participates in bingo, socials, special events. Substitute
At Large Mary Lemaster - new to the board this year. Member for seven years. Substitute receptionist, calls bingo once per month.
Before retirement, employed for 49 years in the financial area.
At Large Donnie Moore – new to the Board this year. Member for seven years, volunteers with the congregate lunch crew, participates in
bingo. Served as a part time firefighter/EMT in Huber Heights for 27 years.

Call 937-496-8934 if you have questions about the following programs offered at the Huber Heights Library.
Computer Classes (advance registration, prerequisites possible)
Computer Basics:             Jan. 14,   2-4 p.m.
Computer Applied:            Jan. 21,   2-4 p.m. (prerequisites required)    
1 on 1 Computer Sessions: varying times
Staff available for a one-hour session of one-on-one training. We will cover topics from the group classes and do our best to answer
questions learners may have as well - all while sitting side by side. Our focus is on you! Call 937-463-2665 and ask for Tony or Melissa.
Laptop will be provided during this session.  

Jan. 16, 7-8:15 p.m. Tea & Mystery Book Discussion:  The title this month is
Lock Every Door by Riley Sager. Copies are available for checkout at the Huber Heights Library.

Jan. 24, 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. Forgotten Heroes of the Flood:  In 1913, Dayton faced a flood that would forever change its landscape and its
people. Some may not know that African Americans played a major role in the clean-up and rescue efforts after the flood. Johnnie
Freeman, author of "The Forgotten: Hidden Heroes" will share the story of the 500 African Americans from Chicago who came to Dayton
as a relief effort and later made it home. This book will also discuss the atmosphere of Dayton in the early 1900s, and how the flood
unified Dayton citizens.  

Bring the Grandkids!
Jan. 11, 10 - 10:45 a.m. Zumbini:  Caregivers and their children can participate in a music and movement program with songs, dancing,
and instruments. Caregiver participation is required. Please register your children in advance due to limited space.

Project One Hope is a community outreach supported by multiple churches in Huber Heights to provide a free dinner to the community.
For the most current information and to check for cancellations, visit www.fcchh.org or call 937-236-8029.
Jan. 15:  St. Peter Catholic Church, 5:30-7, 6161 Chambersburg Rd, 937-233-1503
Jan. 28:  Sulphur Grove UM Church, 7505 Taylorsville Rd., 5-6:30, 937-236-5970

Adult Protective Services        937-225-4906
Area Agency on Aging        937-341-3000
Catholic Social Services        937-223-7217
FISH food pantry                937-667-0276
Food stamps, Job Center        937-225-4148
HEAP applications                800-282-0880
Legal Aid Western Ohio        888-534-1432
Life Essentials                        937-586-0545
Graceworks Lutheran Services 937-534-7937
Meals on Wheels                937-228-3663
Medicaid Hotline                800-324-8680
Medicare                        800-633-4227
Ombudsman                        937-223-4613
OSHIIP                        800-686-1578
Pro Seniors legal aid                800-488-6070
Project Mobility                937-425-8300
Senior Resource Connection  937-223-8246
Senior Questions                937-223-HELP

Jan. 2 -31:        Renew membership
Jan. 2:                Make tax appointments
Jan. 13:        Mini Bingo
Jan. 15:        Presentation
Jan. 31:         Lunch & Learn
Feb. 5:                Tax appts. begin
Feb. 10:        Book group returns
May 4:                AARP Driver class
June 10:        Fundraiser

Gladys Williams 12        Belinda Davis 12
Janet Fulton 11        Susan Kendall 4
Irene Lader 4                Connie Kors 4        
Mary Bish 5                Barb Shultz 2
Arlene Gambill 1        Susan Spacht 7

Contact: Janet Fulton at 937-236-8392
or drop in to observe or learn to play

Get Well
Betty Beery

Thinking of You
Patty Jessee

Betty Beery in memory of her brother
Pat Lokai in memory of her sister

Sunshine Coordinator: Bobbi Markley 937-233-8866

4        Gayle Woodward
7        Dotty Blake
14        Beth Payne
21        Yogi Singhal
25        Beverly Crooks

Bridge Coordinator
Reservations: Gordon Meyer  937-233-6206