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Senior center members may register the first ten days. After that, non-member seniors or
those ages 21-49 accompanying a senior, may register for remaining seats. Payment is due
when registering and must be paid with checks or money orders. Cancellation/refund policies
are determined by the tour company arranging the trip. Please check before registering to
see if scooters or wheelchairs can be accommodated. Take-home flyers are available at the
In order to take advantage of special promotions, it is possible that new trips may be offered
on short notice. Check the bulletin board on a regular basis since the newsletter may not
include every trip. Emergency cards: travelers will need to complete a new travel
emergency/waiver card if the previous card is more than a year old.
In order to comply with mailing requirements, details on overnight trips cannot be printed in
the newsletter. Usually, registration for long trips begins about six months in advance. For
information on any trip, call the senior center at 233-9999.

June 18         Belterra Park Casino
Please park in the back half of the back parking lot and report to Carolyn Freeman at the bus.
The bus will depart at 9 a.m. with an approximate return time of 5 p.m.

July 11        Patsy Cline Tribute at Der Dutchman
Last day to register was May 15. Please call the center to be placed on the waiting list.

August 23        Mystery Trip
Enjoy a day of surprises on the annual mystery trip. Cost is $46 and lunch is included. Your
only clue is that you must wear leather closed toe and closed heel shoes. Members sign up
starting June 5, non-members June 19, with last day on July 24. Bus departs at 8:30 a.m. and
returns approximately 4:30 p.m.

Sept. 24        Belterra
Enjoy a free buffet and $10 play credit on this trip. Be sure to bring your Belterra Park card if
you have one and your driver’s license. Cost for this trip is $22 that includes the driver’s tip.
Members register July 24, non-members August 7. Last day to register is September 10.  
Please have available the address, phone number, and birthday of each person you are
registering. The bus will depart at 9 a.m. with an approx. return time of 5 p.m.

Oct. 22-26   Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg Show Trip
See posting on bulletin board; flyers available.

Since 2011, Carolyn and Betty have arranged and conducted 13 long trips and 32 day trips.
With the long trips, 246 different people have been served (not counting Carolyn and Betty).
In the last two years, there have been 161 different people served on six long trips. From this
number, five people went on five trips, nine people went on four trips, and eleven went on
three trips so it is not always the same people who go on each trip. Everyone has the same
opportunity to register and it is first come, first served. In the event a trip is full, you can be
placed on the waiting list. If you are willing to room single or with someone you do not know,
this may increase your chances of going if someone cancels. If the time on the first
registration day for a long trip begins at 9 a.m., some people choose to arrive very early and
line up outside before the center opens. If the first day occurs during a winter month, the time
may shift to the afternoon so people do not wait outside in the cold. Upon entering, people will
be given a number and then sit in the order they were lined up outside. On day trips, a person
may register for herself and one other member. On overnight trips, a person may register for
herself and her roommates only. Seat assignments are made for long trips, based on when
final payment is received. Members have priority to register. If your travelling companion is not
a member, you will either need to wait to register when she is allowed or your companion
needs to join the center to be eligible for priority registration. Joining the center does not
guarantee that you will get on the trip but it does give you an earlier opportunity to register.
Carolyn and Betty work extremely hard to organize and execute the trips and make them a lot
of fun with games, prizes, and movies on the bus. The trips are very popular and serve as a
great opportunity for new members to meet people. Hope to see you on a trip sometime!

You may have noticed other members wearing the blue long sleeve or polo shirt with the
senior center logo. If you would like to purchase one, please see the receptionist. There is a
$10 deposit that will be held until Land’s End offers a special promotion and, sometimes, that
can take a while. When the promotions are offered, they come up quickly with a short deadline
so it works better to get on the list now and wait for the promotion. Polo shirts cost $24 for
sizes s, m, l, xl, (xxl available for men only) or $29 for 2x, 3x, (1x available for women only) with
long sleeve shirts costing $22.50 and $27.50. There is a sizing chart at the desk as well as a
women’s xl polo shirt to try on or it may be beneficial to try on a friend’s shirt to get an idea of
the sizing. Note: all sales final.
Now Available at Desk: new, men’s polo shirt, size xxl, $29.

A warm and friendly welcome is extended to our new members:
Luisa Tejada-Coriat        Wanda Jones                Phyllis Whitenack
Joan Morris                George Shultz                Barbara Shultz
George Bauer                Valeria Turner                Pamela Thompson
Membership: 623 as of May 16
New members: please see the receptionist if you did not receive a welcome packet.

HEALTH PLANS (One-on-One Counseling)
Free assistance is available by appointment, year round, at the senior center. You can enroll
in a Medicare Advantage or Prescription Plan whether you are new or previously enrolled or if
you are new to Medicare and have questions. Please bring: Medicare card and any other
insurance cards and your current prescription drugs in a bag (a list is acceptable but actual
meds are better). Call Debbie Marchi, OSHIIP certified volunteer, at 937-477-1881 to make an
appointment. Please honor your appointment time since the volunteer does not live close to
the senior center; thank you.

The next new eight-week session will begin June 21. Cost is $15 and due when registration
begins May 31. Open to senior center members only. Class is held from 10-11 a.m. on
Thursdays. Men and women are welcome to participate, partners are not needed, and
instructor, Rose Winkler, provides a variety of music and dance steps to make this class
interesting and fun. There is a lot of camaraderie and fun in this class.

Board of Trustees: 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 27.

A new Tai Chi class will be offered for current students only at 1:30 p.m. on Fridays starting
July 6. Cost is $30 per person for the eight-week session and due when registration begins
June 15. Plans are to open up the class to beginners in the fall.
This ancient Chinese exercise is taught by Sue and Bill McCabe from TAMA Martial Arts and
may help to improve your flexibility, balance, focus, and strength.
Golden Qi (chair chi) is offered at no cost from 9:45-10:30 on Fridays for those who cannot
stand for long; it is important to be seated by 9:45 a.m. Golden Qi is beneficial for those in
wheelchairs, with balance issues, and is a form of exercise for people who cannot exercise
while standing.

Do you need help with your computer, tablet, Kindle, eBooks, cell phones, or any of the
current electronic computer devices including games? Drop in from 9:30 -10:30 a.m. on
Thursday, June 28, and be prepared with your specific questions; bring your device with you if
possible. Please note that this is not a computer class. Notary service is available as well.
Thanks to Marina Dodaro for providing this service.

Full page detailed calendar available at the center or visit

Low Vision/Blindness
Those with low vision, macular degeneration, blindness can learn helpful daily living tips by
certified ADL trainers/educators from Goodwill Easter Seals at 12 p.m. on Wednesday, July
18. They will provide tips for daily living, tools and aids, resources, and provide information on
how to safely help walk someone with low vision, lighting tips, cooking tips, travelling tips, and
more. Information on the Radio Reading program will also be provided and large print
calendars will be available. Lunch will be provided by Dayspring, a skilled nursing care facility
located in Enon. Members may obtain a free ticket (4 per member) beginning June 19, non-
member seniors beginning July 9. Last day to obtain a ticket is July 10.

*The Huber Heights Community Garage Sale will be held June 14-17.
*Empty pill bottles are no longer being collected; thanks to all who participated in this effort
and to Judy Blankenship for taking the bottles to the appropriate place.
*The senior center continues to collect eyeglasses, old American flags, and pop cans.
*The center would love more photos to display on the bulletin board. If possible, please take
pictures with your cell phone and text them to the program coordinator at 478-5974. Some
ideas include socials, lunch and learns, craft projects, regular activities, members
volunteering, fundraisers, trips, etc.
*The center needs some small plastic bags from stores like Meijer, Kroger, etc. Please bring a
few to donate if you can; thank you.
*The Farmers Market at the Huber Centre on Chambersburg Road will be open through
*Please share names of members who are seriously ill, injured, or who have passed away so
cards can be sent. Just stop at the desk to let the receptionist know or call.
*Please do not remove bulletin board posters even if they are outdated. They are kept up so
visitors and prospective members can see what has taken place during the month. In addition,
it alters the appearance of the board. Thank you for your cooperation.
*Hand and Foot card game has been discontinued due to lack of participation. Thanks to
Rosey Alexander and Melody Cauley for being available to teach the game to others.
*Enjoy the Dayton Air Show on June 23, 24.
*The Star Spangled Heights celebration with games, car show, concert, food vendors and
more will be held from noon-11 p.m. at Cloud Park on June 30. Fireworks are planned for 10 p.
m. Remember the parade at 10 a.m. and cheer for the senior center float and walkers!
*Candy donations to hand out at the parade can be dropped off until June 28; thanks!
*Flag Day Retirement Ceremony: 7 p.m. on June 14 at Our Lady of the Peace Hall located at
4293 Powell Road, practice at 6 p.m. Families welcome. Proper flag burning with ceremony
sponsored by Knights of Columbus. If possible, please bring old, worn, torn, discolored and
unserviceable flags to burn for the ceremony or bring flags to the senior center by June 12.

On Saturday, July 14, at 1 p.m., the Huber Heights Senior Center will present a one-hour
workshop, “Meditation for Relaxation and Health”.  Learn how meditation works, how to begin
meditation practice, three practical breathing methods and their benefits, and three
visualization techniques to get you started.
The instructors are HHSC members, Sue and Bill McCabe. They are certified with the
American Tai Chi and Qigong Association as Tai Chi instructors and the National Association
of Activity Professionals as Chair Chi instructors. They have been studying and practicing
meditation techniques for twelve years.
The cost for the workshop is $10; all monies collected will be donated to the senior center.
Please register at the desk June 21 - July 12. Special thanks go to the McCabes for sharing
their expertise.

Project One Hope is a community outreach supported by multiple churches in Huber Heights
to provide a free dinner to the community. For the most current information, visit www.fcchh.
org or call 236-8029.
June 14:  First Christian Church (Forge), 6114 Fishburg Rd, 5-6:30, 236-8029
June 20:  St. Peter Catholic Church, 6161 Chambersburg Rd., 5:30-7, 233-3137
June 23:  HH Church of God, 6900 Brandt Pike, 5-6:30, 233-3137
June 26:  Sulphur Grove UM Church, 7505 Taylorsville Rd, 5-6:30, 236-5970

Call 496-8934 if you have questions about the following programs offered at the Huber
Heights Library.
Computer Classes (advance registration, prerequisites possible)
Computer Applied:         June 11, 2-4
Internet Basics:        June 25, 2-4
1 on 1 Computer Sessions: varying times
Staff available for a one-hour session of one-on-one training. We will cover topics from the
group classes and do our best to answer questions learners may have as well - all while sitting
side by side. Our focus is on you! Call 463-2665 and ask for Tony or Melissa. Laptop will be
provided during this session.  

Mondays, 6-8 p.m.  Movie Night: watch movies newly released to DVD at the library. Bring
pillows and/or blankets for your viewing comfort. Popcorn provided! You are welcome to bring
additional snacks and covered drinks.  

June 21, 7-8:15 p.m. Tea & Mystery Book Discussion: monthly discussion featuring mystery
novels with tea and light snacks. Take turns facilitating the discussion and bringing treats.
June title is Boar Island by Nevada Barr.  New members always welcome.  Copies available at
the checkout desk.

Pinochle:        cancelled June 11
Knitting:        cancelled June 11
Blood Pressure: June 5
Carving:        cancelled June 12
Stitch & Chat:        cancelled June 12
Cong. Lunch:        cancelled June 6
Balance Class:  skip June 8
Hand & Foot:   discontinued
July 11:       Trip
July 14:       Meditation workshop
July 18:       Lunch & Learn (vision)
July 25:       Fire extinguisher practice
July 30:       Craft: card making
Aug. 13:      Craft
Aug. 15:      Lunch & Learn (chiropractor)
Aug. 18:      Western social
Aug. 29:      Ice cream social
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